Wednesday 23 June 2010

Book: 99 Penises: The Ultimate Photo Collection (Nude Male Photography)

This book isn't for everyone (and not our cup of tea) but because of the overly graphic nature it gets a mention here. This book does what thousands of other books allude to with teasing shots... and this book does it in full graphical scale. As the title suggests, this book is chock full of male nude photography, in gorey detail. Page after page of just that.

One a graphic scale of 1-10, this book gets a 9.

Description from the publisher:

Penises, penises, and even MORE penises. Feel like a medical student when you see these zoomed in photos of the male penis, also known as the "cock", or "dick". These color pictures leave nothing to the imagination. Compare the different penis pictures, nude / naked, in full color. There are wrinkly penises, smooth penises, hairy penises, shaved penises, erect penises, and shrunken penises... pale penises, rich deep colored penises, large penises, small penises, and some strange penises.... This is a 5.5 by 8.5 book with full page color pictures, so some of the photos are actual sized, and some of the photos are are bigger than life! Don't think of this as XXX Sex Porn, think of it as interesting educational material. All shapes, sizes, and colors are in this book, a compelling collection of men's penises from around the world. No actual sex, but WARNING; VERY GRAPHIC NUDITY. For educational use only. The Airplane movie/DVD has the famous line in it "Have you ever seen a grown man naked?". After viewing this book, you can give an enthusiastic YES. Nude males on every page....

You purchase this book by going HERE or typing in the following URL:

Some examples from the book:

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