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Friday 18 January 2008

Erotic Sex Story: Mind Control

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,
The Apprentice
by The Naturalist
He woke feeling strangely different. He couldn't quite
get a handle on why, but he couldn't shake the feeling.
He showered, dressed and walked to the local diner.
As he entered a man at the counter caught his attention
and nodded. He couldn't help a strange feeling of
kinship with him. He nodded back and went to his
favorite booth in Mary's station. He was glad it was
open. He had rushed after sleeping late, to get to the
restaurant before Mary went off shift.
Mary wasn't a very good waitress. She was, however, a
very good looking red head with long hair. Her clear
complexion allowed her hair to frame her oval face
dainty nose and green eyes. Her ever so slightly pouty
mouth complemented her petite buxom figure. He sat in
her area so she could wait on him.
A little while after he sat down, she wandered over and
asked if he wanted a menu, coffee or anything. He mildly
resented this since he had been ordering the same thing
every Sunday for a couple of months. He would have
preferred her to bring his coffee and ask if he wanted
the usual, not really a big point and she was nice
enough about it, but thinking, it would be nice if you
served me well, he said, "Could you bring me my usual?"
A funny look crossed her face and she said, "Do you want
your usual eggs and coffee?"
"Yes," he said a little startled, but pleased as he
thought, as usual, it would be nice if she had her dress
unbuttoned a bit more. As she walked off, he was puzzled
but pleased as he noticed Mary undoing the top button of
her blouse.
He noticed the man at the counter again who smiled, got
up walked over and slid into the booth across from him
and said, "Hi you can call me Jim. Yes, your power of
suggestion and control awakened last night. We'll get to
know each other well. Meet me here tomorrow at lunch. In
the meantime enjoy the pretty little red head, but be
very careful what you suggest.
"If you want her as a personal plaything, for example,
don't suggest that she wants to seduce everyone in
sight. Have a good time Larry, I'll see you tomorrow."
Larry, sat there stunned. He couldn't believe what he
just heard. It was crazy.
Mary came up with his coffee. Even though what Jim had
said was crazy he could resist the idea of trying it
out. Jim thought, 'your left arm itches.' Mary scratched
her left arm. Jim thought, 'you want to sneeze,' Mary
put a finger under her nose, put down his coffee said,
"excuse me" and rushed to the counter and then to the
Larry's jaw dropped as he watched the retreating Mary.
He remembered Jim's words about care in suggestions.
A minute later Mary came out and asked if he wanted
anything. This was unusual, normally you had to flag
Mary down in order to get anything from her. He
remembered his earlier suggestion, Jim's comments about
seduction and his mind raced with the possibilities.
Larry, responded, "why don't you check on my eggs" while
thinking, 'bring me your phone number, because you find
me sexually very attractive.'
Mary came back with the plate of eggs and put it and a
piece of paper with a phone number down on the table.
She whispered, "call me sometime if my boss caught me
doing this I'd be fired, please don't tell anyone."
Larry said, "Sure, no problem." Thinking, 'you are
becoming aroused, you want to serve me, the more you
serve me, the more aroused you get and the more you want
to serve me sexually.'
Larry said, "Mary please get me a glass of water."
Larry noticed a husky tinge to her, "Sure," and enjoyed
thinking about the prospects for the afternoon and
determined the phone number wasn't going to be the end
of it.
He set about giving Mary a lot of small orders for
jelly, ketchup, chili sauce, more coffee and etc. He
smiled as he noticed her increasing pleasure and
frustration. He thought, 'You are eager to serve me all
afternoon, in fact you will ask me over after I finish
As Larry finished his breakfast, Mary rushed over and
said, "Please meet me at the corner in fifteen minutes,
I'm sure we can figure out something to do this
Larry smiled as he said, "Sure."
He wandered out paying the check, grinning as he
contemplated the possibilities. He decided Mary would
make a lovely personal plaything. As Mary came toward
him he "suggested" that when he touched her she would
orgasm. As she walked up, he slipped his arm around her
waist and noticed her squeeze her eyes very tightly, and
heard a small little moan. He asked, "Cumming Mary?"
She started to pull away and looked at him in shock.
Larry quickly suggested, 'you will not pull away from me
and you will completely and honestly answer all of my
questions.' He added, 'you love my touch and you want me
to touch you anywhere and everywhere.'
Mary said "Yes, I'm cumming" while blushing very deeply
and snuggling into the crook of his arm.
Larry grinned and said, "take me to your house, I'm
looking forward to having you serve and dance for me as
a naked slave girl." He squeezed her ass and "suggested"
that she orgasm again. She responded. He laughed and
said, "evidently you find the idea exciting." She moaned
and blushed.
He could feel her start to pull away, both physically
and mentally.
He "suggested" that no matter what she thought
otherwise, she could not resist anything that sexually
aroused her. He further suggested that being his sex
slave was very sexually arousing. He asked her, "are you
excited about being my sex slave."
As she responded "yes" he sent 'cum hard'; she moaned,
as she had an intense orgasm.
He saw a slightly out of the way corner behind a hedge
and directed Mary behind it. He could see she was
nervous and smiled as he put her back against the wall.
He asked, "do you have panties on and are they wet?" She
was breathing heavy, almost a pant as she responded
He said, "Pull your dress up I want to see." He could
see her inner fight, but she couldn't resist the
commands. She found being his obedient sex slave
arousing, and she 'knew' she couldn't stop doing
anything she found arousing. Slowly, the hem lifted past
her thighs revealing her white panties, which indeed
were slightly darkened by her excitement.
She moaned as Larry softly brushed the wet area of her
panties and said, "I see that indeed they are wet." She
"remembered" his suggestion that she wanted him to touch
her and got very aroused. She had an orgasm as he
slipped his finger under her panties and asked, "Are you
a virgin?"
He was surprised, but pleased, at her affirmative. He
could see her start to cry as she said, "What is
happening to me? I feel like such a slut."
Larry laughed as he sent, 'Cum hard' and said, "Well you
won't be very much longer." He studied her face and saw
evidence of her orgasm mingled with her embarrassment.
He considered taking her right there but decided to play
with her some more. He slipped his finger out from under
her panties and said, "You don't need those, take them
off." Relived and embarrassed she pulled her panties off
and gave them to him. She was glad to have her dress
As he put his arm around her, he decided not to give her
a suggestion about exhibitionism. He wanted her for
himself, and he enjoyed seeing the conflict, but
"suggested" that she not cry.
He dropped her panties in the garbage as they went by,
and she almost objected. He asked, "how close are we to
your house?" She responded, "a couple of blocks, "just
past the park."
He smiled and said, "Let's go through the park." He
studied her face as he saw her consider with a mixture
of dread and excitement the possibilities. She was
starting to bite her lower lip as he said, "Don't worry
I am going to treat you as a sex toy in the park, I
promise" and sent her a suggestion to cum lightly. She
He said unbutton your blouse another button. This made
the highest button that was fastened the one that was
just below nipple high. She bit her lip as he squeezed
her tit and said, "I am looking forward to seeing and
playing with these." She was panting with excitement,
but blushed when she noticed that she had been seen.
She pleaded, "Please don't do things like that where
people can see!" She moaned.
He said, "I'll play with my sex slave anywhere and any
way I like," as he pulled her around kissed her, gave
her ass a full rounded rub and using his other hand
squeezed her tit. As he stuck his tongue deep into her
mouth he suggested she cum hard.
She responded. She looked pleadingly into his eyes.
Larry wasn't sure if she wanted him to stop or not. He
laughed and said a hot little virgin slave aren't you?
Cumming in public? She moaned, blushed and said "Yes."
As they entered the park, he suggested to her to
unbutton another button on her blouse. He was looking
forward to seeing those big tits released. He noticed
she had on a front fastening bra. He pulled her around
kissed her and unfastened her bra. She blushed deeply.
She pleaded again, "Please not here."
He laughed and reached in and fondled her nipple and
whispered to her, "Cum for me Mary." He felt her respond
and laughed saying "Good slave." She blushed.
He took her to a secluded spot behind some bushes. He
could see her eyes dart wildly about. He told her to
kneel. She complied. He noticed she had knelt with her
knees tightly together and was trying to hold her blouse
together. He laughed and said, "Hike up your skirt
spread your knees as wide as you can and take your
blouse and bra off."
She moaned, as she complied, he suggested, 'cum.' He
could see her orgasm and saw the conflicting emotions in
her face. As she was finishing complying with her
instructions he said, "Put your hands half way down your
He stepped back and admired his handiwork. Here was an
orgasmic slave kneeling stripped from the waste up, with
her dripping virginal pussy exposed for his
consideration. "This Mary," he said, "is the proper
kneeling position for you. Does it make you feel exposed
and vulnerable?"
She responded, "yes."
He said good as he reached down and pulled gently on the
large nipple sitting erect on her firm breast. He asked,
"Have you ever had a man's cock in your mouth, in your
She said, "no."
He stepped forward, saying "A total virgin, well it is
time to fix part of that. You should unzip my pants,
pull my cock out, and kiss, lick, suck and caress= it."
As she complied he suggested, 'cum.' He had decided he
wanted a very orgasmic, very submissive, very sexually
eager, private plaything. He reasoned that making her
cum often in sexual situations would make her desire to
be in sexual situations. He reinforced the commands that
providing sex was service and she wanted to serve him
completely. He didn't object to her emotional
reluctance, in fact he found it a little charming.
He noted that while eager she needed practice, or maybe
a little instruction. He filed that thought away for
later and enjoyed watching his toy eagerly kiss lick
fondle and caress his cock. Her pouty mouth looked
really good filled with his hard and straining member.
He decided to reinforce her some more and sent, 'you
love sucking my cock' and then suggested she cum. She
moaned as she came and he enjoyed seeing her tongue slip
all the way down his shaft as her second wave of orgasm
hit. He was pleased since he did not suggest the second
orgasm. He said, "when I cum in your mouth I want you to
swallow it."
He noticed a hesitancy and decided to fix that. As he
came he sent, 'you love the taste of my cum, it is the
best thing you have ever tasted, you want to taste it
often.' He saw her eager face and sent her the
suggestion to orgasm strongly.
She responded, looked at him wonderingly and asked,
"What is happening to me?"
Larry, grinned and said, "Mary get up and put on your
blouse." As she started, he said, "No not the bra you
may carry it."
She not surprisingly buttoned her blouse all the way up.
He grinned and said, "Unbutton the top three buttons."
As she complied he noted that the top button that was
fastened was just below her nipples. He thought that
would accentuate the bounce and said come over here. He
enjoyed the jiggle show when she arrived he slipped one
hand in her blouse and one hand up her skirt and as he
caressed her tit and pussy he said, "Good little slave,
I like having easy access."
She blushed knowing that she would always want to give
him such access.
Larry decided to play with her just a little and asked,
"How did you like sucking my cock?"
She was blushing and becoming very excited by his
wandering hands and true to her various instructions
said, "I loved it."
"How did you like the taste of my cum?" asked Larry, as
he continued playing with her virginal pussy.
She was panting as she said, "It was wonderful"
Larry deciding it was time to move along said, "I'll
give you other opportunities to taste it, how does it
feel no longer being a cock sucker?"
She hesitated and finally said, "I want to serve you and
make you happy."
Larry responded saying, "Good slave lead me to your
house now."
She moaned and said, "What are you going to do to me
Larry just grinned, saying, "Lead on Mary," as he
removed his hands. She moaned.
As they crossed the street, Larry noticed a pretty blond
waiting to cross to the park. He absently wondered what
her tits looked like. Before he knew it she had pulled
down her tube top and her tits were exposed for his
inspection. Larry enjoyed the view for a moment and sent
put your top back. He thought of Jim and his comments to
be careful.
Turning his attention back to Mary, she lead him across
the street, saying "what a slut exposing her tits like
that" Larry was tempted to suggest an exposure for Mary,
but decided to resist.
At about the middle of the block she said, "Here we
Larry grinned, and said, "Well slave, I want you to let
us in, close the door, strip and kneel."
She complied somewhat hesitantly, but without real
protest. Larry decided that he was going to have a
really good time this afternoon. Mary was truly a
pleasure to have as a pet, but was going to need some
As his mind reviewed the potentials, he knew she needed
training as an exotic dancer, a masseuse, perhaps
cooking, and especially in the arts of pleasing him.
Larry's mind wandered briefly to Jim and he wondered if
he could help him with this type of resource. As he
scanned the room, he noticed a nude kneeling Mary and
was pleased to note she had kneeled in the proper
Not to be distracted, he decided a little modeling was
in order. He told her to crawl to her bedroom. He
followed noting the lovely curve of her ass and her
pussy available for view too. He commented, "Nice ass
slave, I'm looking forward to enjoying it fully."
Mary moaned as she crawled. Larry was pleased to note a
double bed and sat down on the edge of it. He told Mary
to kneel facing him and was pleased to see her comply.
He candidly and slowly looked at his slave. Under his
frank appraisal, Mary blushed.
He doubted she had them, but asked, "Do you have
stockings and a garter belt?"
Kneeling, exposed, nude and vulnerable in her bedroom
Mary whispered, "Yes, but I never wear them, they were a
Larry smiled and said, "Get them for me."
When she returned she had dark stockings and green lacy
garters. Larry, smiled and said "Bring me your highest
heels." Larry was pleased when she returned with four
inch black spikes that had a strap to go around her
Mary compelled to serve him was becoming aroused as she
"remembered" previous commands. Larry was pleased. He
told her to put on the stockings, garter belt and shoes.
She stood before him, and he motioned her to come closer
and said clasp your hands behind your neck and place
your feet just wider than your shoulders.
Mary moaned as she complied. Larry grinned and as he ran
his hand up the inside of her leg all the way to her
moist furry pussy. He pulled her hair lightly and noted
with pleasure her quickening breathing. Larry said, "I
like you in stockings, garter belt and heels." Larry
noted her eyes widen and was sure that she would soon
have more than one set. He walked over to her closet and
pulled out three or four outfits. He looked them over
and noted Mary was going to need some more sexy clothes
and probably lingerie.
He said catch as he tossed her a slinky one piece black
dress. It had a bare back and designed for bra less
wear. It was long but had a long slit up to high mid
thigh. As she slipped into it Larry was pleased to see
how well she filled it out. He decided to heck with the
modeling, this was good, time for the dancing.
He took her to the living room and told her to stand in
the middle of the room. He went to the stereo and was
disappointed by her music collection. He flipped on the
radio and changed the station to the 70's& 80's rock
He sat in an arm less straight back chair and said
simply, "Dance."
Mary moaned and started to gyrate to the music. Larry
sent, 'you get very aroused by entertaining me.'
She was dancing like she would at a club and Larry said
to her, "The point is to display yourself as a sex toy
and make me want to play with you. You should also beg
for my touch."
Red faced, her dancing became more erotic. She bent over
and shook her tits at him, she put a leg out and the
dress fell around it exposing it. She turned and
displayed her ass to him. He said, "Better, now slowly
remove your dress a little at a time."
She reached behind her neck and while gyrating her hips
undid the button. She slowly caressed one of her tits
while letting the material slip down to expose her
nipple. She moaned as she caught sight of herself in the
mirror. Larry smiled as she lifted the front of her
dress to expose her pussy. He noticed it was wet. Her
breathing was becoming faster, almost a pant. She
dropped the front of her dress and bent over to him
placing the one exposed tit right in front of him.
She move slightly and slowly uncovered the other tit,
saying, "Please play with my tits."
Larry grinning slipped a hand on her erect nipple and
sent a command to her, 'cum.' Mary's face tightened with
her orgasm and Larry asked, "Cumming Mary?"
Mary's blush deepened as she mumbled, "Yes."
Larry gave her tit a little squeeze and let it go. Mary
straightened and put her hands over her nipples fondling
and caressing them. As she squirmed she slowly moved her
hands down her sides catching the sides of her dress and
pulling it down low on her hips. She turned around and
pulled and bent over. She stepped back bringing her ass
into easy reach of Larry.
She pulled her dress to the side revealing her
stockinged leg. Larry admired the contrast between her
bare flesh and the stocking. He couldn't quite see her
pussy as the dress draped at a sharp angle just covering
it. As Mary wiggled her ass in front of him, Larry
slipped his hand up the inside of her thigh all the way
to her wet slit.
As he gently caressed her opening. Mary screamed at
Larry's touch and silent command, 'cum hard.' As she
started to subside Larry sent, 'cum again harder' as he
fondled around her dripping cunt. Mary screamed as she
obeyed his silent order.
Larry felt her tremble and she looked very unsteady. He
said, "Squirm on the floor."
As she complied, Larry could see a mixture of relief,
embarrassment and sexual frustration. Mary squirmed
bare-chested and pulled her dress aside revealing her
wet pussy. Larry admired the way her stockings and
garter formed a frame for her dark red triangle. She
lifted her hips and while gyrating them, slipped her
dress past her ass. She dropped her ass back to the
ground and rolled over. Her dress dropped to a clump
around her knees, as she raised her ass up toward Larry.
She said, "Please play with me."
Larry watched as she squirmed.
Mary repeated, "Please play with me."
Larry grinned and asked, "Do you like begging to be
treated like a sex toy?"
Mary replied, "No."
Larry thought about her answer for a minute while
contemplating her squirming ass and then asked, "But it
excites you doesn't it?"
Mary huskily replied, "Yes."
Larry grinned, and asked, "Does it excite you to
entertain me like a sex toy?"
Mary came as she said, "YES!"
Larry said, "Crawl here Mary and dance against me."
As she crawled into his lap Larry sent, "cum."
Tremblingly, she complied. Larry laughed and said "good
toy." Mary was grinding her pussy into his pelvis and
shoving her tits into his face. She panted, "Play with
As she came again, Larry decided she should be building
to the biggest climax of her life. He sent, 'you won't
cum again until I tell you, but you will become more and
more aroused.' As she continued to squirm and repeat,
"Play with me," Larry noted her increasing frustration.
Larry squeezed her ass and tits and said, "Such a hot
little toy."
Mary panted and squirmed. Larry decided it was time to
fuck Mary.
He said, "Time for you to have your first cock in your
Mary moaned but continued to grind her pussy into his
pelvis. Larry said, "Take my cock out of my pants and
impale yourself on it."
Mary was moaning and trembling as she fumbled with his
zipper. She finally got it unzipped opened the button
and reaching in she grabbed his hard cock. Springing it
free she lifted up and put her opening right on top of
his tip. Larry could see a little plea in Mary's eye,
but sat in silence waiting for his command to be obeyed.
She plunged herself downward on his shaft, making her no
longer a virgin.
She held still for a moment as she felt him inside her.
Larry sent, 'it feels really wonderful to have my cock
in your pussy, you want to squirm all over it. Squirming
over it will make you very aroused.' Larry grinned as
she squirmed and moaned. He said, "Good sex toy." He
could see her sexual arousal become stronger and
As she slipped up and down his shaft Larry enjoyed her
tits jiggling in his face. He caught a nipple in his
mouth and sucked hard. She was, moaning loudly and
constantly now, her breaths were coming in quick short
gasps. She was squirming and slipping up and down. Larry
was about to cum, and sent, 'when I tell you to you will
cum harder than you ever have before, in fact you will
cum so hard you will faint.'
He let her squirm and slip up and down on his shaft and
just as he started to cum, he said, "cum toy." Mary
screamed and tightened and squirmed and screamed and
squirmed and tightened and screamed and squirmed and
fainted as Larry shot his load into her.
A few minutes later Mary stirred. Larry said, "Lick my
cock clean Toy, you will always do this after being
Mary moaned and slipped down to comply.
Across town, Jim grinned.
Larry grinned as he looked down at his sex toy licking
and cleaning his cock and balls. He thought about how
pleasurable it was to have such a willing slave at his
He knew she was going to need more training but thought
he had her off to a good start. He looked at her and
said, "you love licking my cock don't you Toy." Mary
reddened as she complied with previous commands and
said, "yes."
He decided he was going to go lie down on Mary's bed and
relax while she kissed and licked him all over. It was
going to be great to have her serve him this way until
he was ready to enjoy her ass. He thought it would be
great to see her crawl to bed, so he said, "Mary crawl
to the bedroom and kneel at the foot of the bed."
Mary reddened as she crawled.
Larry said, "Nice ass, I'm looking forward to enjoying
Mary begged, "Please no," but continued to crawl. "Why
can't I stop myself?"
Larry followed her and enjoyed that she kneeled in the
proper position. He took off his remaining clothes and
flopped on the bed. She looked around expectantly, but
did not break position.
"Mary my Toy, I want you to come here and kiss and lick
me all over until I am ready to enjoy your ass. When I'm
done with that we'll take a shower and you will wash and
dry me. Then you are going to give me a massage. After
that, I may let you suck my cock again."
Mary moaned but got on the bed and started licking and
kissing. After a while Larry was ready he rolled Mary on
top of a pile of pillows with her ass high.
He spread her cheeks and played with her. He sent, 'you
will enjoy being played with and fucked in the ass.' She
moaned as he brought his cock to her rear entrance.
As he slipped his cock's head into her, he sent 'cum.'
She complied with his silent command. Working his cock
deeper into her, she moaned. As he got all the way to
hilt, she complied with his command to 'cum.' He pulled
out and plunged in again. She was moaning and panting
heavily, as he increased the pace.
As he got near to cumming he said, "Mary you are going
to cum hard now," as she complied he came in her.
When he recovered he pulled out and said, "Time for a
Mary got the shower going. He enjoyed her ministrations
lathering him. He couldn't resist playing with her in
the shower and making her cum several times. She was
nearing exhaustion. He grinned as he thought he would
need another toy or two, or perhaps would like to have a
variety often.
As she dried him he felt a wonderful sense of
satisfaction. As she started to massage lotion into him,
he dozed wondering what tomorrow would bring. He told
Mary to massage him for a while and then to lie next to
him and take a nap. As he dozed off feeling wonderful,
across town, Jim smiled broadly.
Larry woke after a couple of hours and shook Mary. He
said, "Suck my cock." He laid back as she kissed, licked
and caressed his cock and balls. He decided to see what
would happen if he gave Mary no further commands. He was
pleased to find her becoming very excited as she
continued kissing and licking. She came lightly as he
shot into her mouth. Larry smiled.
Larry had plans for more of the same this evening. He
was looking forward to having Mary cook dinner, serve
him, dance again, and a easy frequent fuck. He was very
curious to see Jim tomorrow.
Jim was pleased.
After leaving the diner we walked a couple of blocks to
the nearby shopping mall. He thought it would be a good
place to study passersby while keeping tabs on Larry.
Tuning in on Larry, he didn't find strong tendencies of
humiliation that would lead to sadism and perhaps
murder, hopefully they weren't there waiting to develop.
He did have to keep touch with the toy streak so it
didn't get out of hand. The streak toward seeing the
conflict in his slaves was also of concern. Hopefully,
Larry would just want obedience and sexual
gratification, rather than these tendencies evolving
into something sinister that Jim would have to fix.
Jim thought to himself, Larry might be a little
impatient, but that may change over time. The blond was
a little dicey, but for a new controller, not bad,
practice would help there too. He hoped that Larry's
focus on Mary, rather than running around 'touching'
everyone and controlling them was a sign of
circumspection. At the proper time he'd give Larry a
real show and let him stretch, but in general, a low
profile was a good idea.
All in all, a good start. This was a bit of work and Jim
wanted to relax. He saw a pretty blond, she was walking
toward him. He did a quick scan and found no diseases,
she finished her period a week ago, was on the pill, had
a slightly more than normal female submissiveness on a
subconscious basis, and as is normally related a
slightly stronger than normal sex drive. Her
submissiveness attracted his dominance. Dominance, in
humans, was true for males, and a male controller was
invariably very extremely dominate.
He 'called' her over and as she approached he sent the
familiar litany, 'you will not cause a scene or draw
attention to us, you will not try to harm me, you will
treat me like an old friend, you will answer me
honestly, you will eagerly obey my least whim, answering
or obeying me will arouse you sexually, you can't resist
doing anything that arouses you, you want me to touch
you, when and if I touch you it will arouse you=85
Larry woke late the next morning thinking, 'wow what a
dream.' As he stretched, and rolled over he bumped into
the sleeping Mary. He thought, 'oh shit it wasn't a
As he lay there contemplating what he had done
yesterday, what the power meant, how he had dominated
Mary he alternatively felt guilt, enthusiastic, ecstasy,
invincible, horny, possessive and protective of Mary,
remorse at his selfishness and increasingly grew very
tense and confused.
Larry, after awhile followed her in to the bathroom and
got into the shower with her. Mary reached over and
hugged him. They kissed as the water flowed over their
naked bodies. Larry was soon caressing Mary and she was
responding. Larry refrained from sending her any
commands, but was unsure if previous commands were still
influencing her.
Soon, however, it didn't matter. He felt wonderful and
powerful as Mary slowly kissed his chest and caressed
his balls and cock. The warm water flowing over his body
while her lips and tongue worked slowly and lingeringly
ever so slowly down toward his hard cock, made him
forget everything but the powerful need to have Mary.
He wanted her physically, emotionally, and totally. He
felt her mouth slide along his hard cock while her had
fluttered over his balls, and he felt everything was
right with the world. He looked down and saw Mary's
mouth kissing and sucking the end of his cock and he
thought she looked so right like that and came.
He looked down after spending himself and sent, "you
should be happy to please me," and watched her contented
smile form.
Jim knew Larry was on his way. He had scanned and found
his mixture of emotions a good sign. He hoped that Larry
would develop a keen perceptive ability and the ability
to selectively adjust emotions rather than overwhelming
personality an character of the controlled. Jim
sometimes, overwhelmed the people he controlled, but
usually just at the beginning.
He thought back to yesterday's blond, and was pleased
that when he released her it was with only one strong
lasting control to keep his secret. He had, however,
adjusted some of her conditioning to allow her to have
less guilt at behaving in accordance with her impulses.
He left her enough restraint to not become a victim of
the predators of society or careless with exposure to
disease. He was pleased to recall her smiling face when
he reinforced her desire to serve and be uninhibitedly
sexual in a desire to please the Controllers, or at
least a dominate personality.
Jim was sure she would translate this into a desire for
a traditional marriage where she would stay at home and
keep the house and serve the breadwinner. Jim wondered
if should would perceive a desirable mate as the big
physical hunter type with some planning skills that
would have been prime in the cave times. Alternatively
she could seek a manager who may or may not also be
overwhelmingly physical but who was dominate by
personality, intelligence and planning.
Jim spent a lot of time contemplating natural selection
and wondered what was currently being selected for in
the human race. He also wondered if man in his desire to
help the weaker members of his race was delaying or
eliminating natural selection. He was always pulled up
short in these deliberations by contemplating the
contributions of some, that from most objective
standards would have been eliminated by force of nature,
before they made their contributions, except for such
Jim enjoyed teaching but hated discipline. The Society
had elected him as teacher judge and he was good at it.
Jim knew that to let the gift of control run free would
be a mistake. He also knew therefore that someone had to
play this role and it had to be someone with a great
deal of strength. Dominance and control had its own
selection process and ethical issues. Jim tried to
balance the interests of being true to his own nature,
needs and capabilities along with other Controllers and
those being controlled.
He sometimes hated the tightrope. Determining where
conditioning left off and nature took affect was problem
enough. When he tried to fathom as he was forced to what
should be, it was always a challenge. He needed a bright
talented dedicated Controller to help him.
Jim, left early for the lunch meeting. He was confident
that Larry would show. Jim was, however, interested in a
little early morning sexual variety. He went out
resolving that he would continue working on his ability
to use his talents in a minimal way yet to get what he
wanted. He always viewed his talents like superior
physical strength as something to be generally used
sparingly. Not that he was a superior physically, more
that this was an analogy.
Other Controllers alternatively drew the analogy to
intelligence rather than to physical strength. Even the
current normal society encouraged full use of innate
intelligence even if this gave "unfair" advantage to
some, they noted the same is true for other talents like
music, art acting, modeling etc.
There was something about imposing the unilateral will
on another, but effective use of intelligence alone
often had the same result. His role in the Society was
to keep the excesses to a minimum.
As wandered slowly toward the mall, Jim continued his
internal and oft repeated debates. He started, however,
to look for a partner for the morning's activities. He
saw many people go by and liked this new area of town.
It was near the college campus but had a shopping
district and professional area nearby. It was one of
those renewal areas that had succeeded well.
He took a seat on a bench near a little green space in
front of a mixed use office and shopping complex. On one
side was a apartment condominium complex. He saw many
likely partners go by, but was going to be selective
this morning, he was in no rush. If nothing happened,
this afternoon was likely to have many diversions.
A mid-twenties petite brunette walked by and Larry
scanned. She was concerned about her meeting. It was
important to her long term prospects.
Larry let her go. A stunning lady in her mid forties
came by, it was obvious she worked out and kept in
excellent physical shape. He felt her sexual drive
without even scanning. As he looked closer he found that
she was working hard on a personality overlay of
She might be a good longer term "project" because he
found an inner tension between the aspects of her, but
the professional dominate personality was prevailing and
useful for her middle manager marketing career. This was
not what he was looking for this morning.
Coming out of the condos was a lean woman with long
light brown hair. She had a tall modelish figure with
peach sized breasts. She was very pretty and was dressed
to modestly accentuate her figure. Larry thought with
she would come up to the middle of his forehead with her
three inch heels on. Being six feet he figured she must
be five six or so in her stockings.
He found no particular commitments and was headed out
shopping for the day. He scanned further and found no
evidence of sickness and further found she had a strong
sex drive and tended toward submission. She was ideal.
He sent a strong feeling of sexual desire and a feeling
of intense attraction to him. With proper selection he
got a good majority of his partners to be cooperative
and willing. As he walked up to her, he said simply,
"Excuse me but do you believe in lust at first sight?"
This line wouldn't normally work, but since it was
Monday morning, in broad daylight, in public and she was
feeling exactly that, lust at first sight, it might. The
worst he would get would be a slapped face.
Jim watched fascinated as she considered, and she
finally said, "Maybe." Jim smiled and said, "Shall we,"
and was pleased that she interrupted him and said, "Yes,
this way."
She slipped her arm in his and said, "I'm on the pill
and am sure I don't have any STD's, do you."
He said, no wondering why she should believe him. He
knew the truth of the statements, but that was because
of his talent.
The stepped into the elevator and as soon as the door
closed he pulled her to him and kissed her. A theme from
an old book, 'a zipless fuck' came to mind as he
caressed her breast. They pulled apart as the door
opened and she lead him to her door.
He squeezed her rounded ass as she slipped the key into
the lock and flipped the mechanism. She looked over her
shoulder and opened the door. He followed her in and
shut the door. He turned her to him and kissed her
again. She melted into him starting to satisfy her need.
He turned her and placed her back to the door as he
started to caress her breast. He could tell she wanted
to slip playfully away, probably to the bedroom, but he
held her gently and increased his vigor. She responded
by opening her mouth and actively accepting his
thrusting tongue. Jim grabbed her hands and slowly
placed them on top of her head, while kissing her
She no longer was trying to slip away and complied with
his unspoken wishes. Jim placed his finger over her lips
in the sign to be quiet and then reached down and behind
her and unzipped her skirt.
As the skirt fell to her ankles, Jim firmly caressed
between her slightly spread legs. His motion pushed her
ass back firmly against the inside of the front door.
Jim, slowly moved his hands up and gently caressed the
inside of her armpits exposed by the placement of her
hands on her head.
While continuing to kiss her, he moved his hands toward
her breast and briefly squeezed them on his way to
unbuttoning her blouse. She was moaning softly now while
responding to his deeply penetrating kisses. Unbuttoning
her blouse he moved to kiss her neck. As her breasts
become available he slowly worked his mouth down toward
her bra covered breasts.
Jim traced the bra with his tongue and lips nibbling
ever so slightly at the fabric. Jim was pleased by her
soft moans and rapidly increasing breath. He slipped his
hand down and pulled her panty hose down over her ass
and leaving them high on her thighs. He slipped his
tongue and lips slowly down below her breasts toward her
lovely navel. She moaned loudly as he slipped his hand
under her lacy black panties and caressed her wet and
ready pussy. Jim smiled.
He continued kissing her progressively lower as he
pulled her pantyhose down. She tried in vain to have his
lips and tongue kiss her squarely between her slightly
spread legs. Enjoying her squirms he increased them by
tracing the outline of her panties with his tongue.
Following the pantyhose down with his kisses and tongue
he gets them ready for her to step out. After she steps
out of the hose, he tosses them over his shoulder.
He notes with pleasure that her hands were still on her
head as he stepped back and admired the view. Her legs
were slightly spread, and she was leaning back against
the front door, her lacy black panties and matching bra
framed by her opened blouse. Her arms framed her lean
face and bedroom brown eyes nicely.
He kissed her deeply on her full mouth, thrusting his
tongue deeply into her passionate response. While
kissing her he freed her breasts by unsnapping the front
opening bra. Pushing the useless material aside he
looked down at the small but very erect nipples. He
reached down and gently rolled her left one in his right
Kissing her neck he brings her hands down and shoves the
blouse and bra off her shoulders. He slowly puts her
hands behind her back, allowing the bra and blouse to
fall behind her. Her breasts were slightly pushed out by
the placement of her hands. Jim kissed the erect
nipples. She moans as he again rubs her panty covered
Jim is delighted by her submissive responsiveness. He
knew he helped a little, but she could have refused. He
really hadn't forced her and was pleased by her natural
cooperation. He was ready to fully enjoy her passion. He
continued to trace the outlines of her panties,
occasionally slipping a finger underneath the covering
As he gently slipped his finger into her wet opening,
she came. He kissed her while gently thrusting his
finger in and out. She came again as he used his thumb
to rub her clit. He enjoyed her squirming between him
and the door. He thrust his tongue and finger deeply
into her and was pleased to receive a moan and squirm.
As he pulled back from kissing her, he was pleased to
find she hadn't moved her hands from behind her back. He
reached forward and kissed her breasts while thrusting
his hand in and out of her wet pussy.
He slowly removed his hand from her and recovered her
recently penetrated opening. He smiled slightly at the
irony and kissed her.
Slowly, he pushed her down to the cool white tile floor
and placed her hands behind her neck. Her light tan and
hair contrasted nicely against the floor accentuating
her long slow hourglass shape. He reached down and
grabbed the side of her panties and as she lifted her
ass, he pulled them toward her feet.
As he pulled them over her feet he grabbed each ankle
and spread her legs wide. He looked down and enjoyed the
view of the highly aroused and exposed woman. He
released her legs and she held them in place for him. He
smiled. He stepped out of his pants and released his
hard cock.
As he knelt between her spread legs he positioned his
cock at her waiting opening. Slowly he inserted the tip
into her and moved it in and out. He enjoyed her soft
moans and could see she was highly aroused.
Suddenly he plunged deeply and fully into her and was
greeted by an orgasmic scream and helpless squirming.
After thrusting into her firmly and hard for a couple of
strokes he pulled out until just his tip was in her.
She squirmed trying to get him back into her but he kept
just his tip in her. He was enjoying her moaning and
squirming. He was pleased that she kept her hands where
he had placed them. Again he thrust deeply and firmly
into her and was gratified by the loud orgasmic
response. Again after a couple of deep thrusts he pulled
out until just his tip was in her. She quieted to an
intense state of arousal rather than the orgasmic
Again she tried to bring him deeper into her and again
he allowed only his tip to penetrate her.
He dropped her legs as he thrust deeply into her and
bringing his head to next to hers. Her orgasmic scream
was a small pain in his ear as he thrust deeply into
her. He moved to kiss her deeply, while continuing to
thrust into her. He sent 'cum hard, harder, harder' as
he shot into her.
As he basked in the afterglow, she slowly stirred. He
slipped out of her and stood up. He put on his pants. He
kissed his hand and slowly pressed it to her lips. He
admired her tan body with her legs spread widely on the
floor. He stepped over her and slipped out of the door.
He took one last look at her and was gratified to see a
sated woman spread in her front entry, clothes strewn
all around her and his cum dribbling out of her.
He smiled as he closed the door. He reviewed the
commands and was pleased. He had sent sexual need and
attraction to him, in addition to the final command for
intense orgasms. He sent final commands, 'be careful
with your sex partners' and 'I am nothing but a great
memory,' and he replacing the intense attraction
command. He was glad her orgasms had satisfied her
sexual cravings.
Jim headed toward the diner and his meeting with Larry.
It was only a short walk. He knew Larry was already
there. It was going to be an interesting afternoon.
He waved at Jim as he entered and went to sit across
from him.
Larry asked him, "What is going on?"
Jim said, "I told you, you have a talent that woke up
yesterday, it will get stronger and other talents may
Larry said, "This is unbelievable, it must be a crazy
Jim said, "If a major change to your life is a joke, so
be it"
Larry, sitting dumbfounded said, "Does it work on
Ah said Jim, "Most everyone. I doubt if it would work on
me for example."
Volunteering, Jim said, "I'm here to help your
"Who are you?," asked Larry.
Jim refrained from the Bombadil answer and said, "A
teacher, a member of a Society of people like us,
elected by the Society to play this role and to be judge
of our own and hopefully a friend."
Larry sat dumbfounded. He had thousands of questions but
didn't know where to start.
Jim said, "People will become your study. Your talents
will make, and allow you to study them." Continuing Jim
said, "Additionally, some things in life will become
easier and some you need to plan carefully about. Why
don't you call the waitress over and we'll order."
Larry started to raise his hand and Jim said, "Why don't
you use your= talent?"
Larry grinned, and sent to the waitress, "come here." As
she immediately responded, Jim was grinned. He just
realized he was never going to have problems with
service at a restaurant again. A small thing, but a nice
one, it lead to many thoughts about how small
inconveniences could be eliminated. Lines wouldn't be
much of a problem anymore, thought Jim.
After taking their orders for burgers, fries and cokes
the waitress left.
Jim smiled, said "good job, the talent has many uses,
but it is dangerous. We at the Society like to keep a
very low profile. If our existence were to become well
known an unpleasant situation would develop. Part of my
job is to keep our profile low, I was chosen for many
reasons, but not the least of which is I am among the
very strongest of us."
Continuing, Jim said, "It is amazing to me what you can
and can't do in public. Making five people in line at
the grocery store get out of line for you, especially if
you always do it, will make people notice. We'll do some
amazing things using a lot of power that even in public
don't create a problem. Helping a waitress give you good
service, or getting someone to be extra thorough
repairing your car or doing something they are supposed
to do, never creates a problem. Well almost." Jim let
Larry think about it for a while. The burgers arrived
and they ate in silence.
As they were finishing, Jim sent to the waitress, "Bring
the check."
After depositing it on the table, Jim reached for his
money clip and put out $15 to cover the check and tip.
Larry asked, "Couldn't we just walk out and make them
think we paid."
Jim responded, "Yes, but again sooner or later that will
bring attention to you and then us. It is better to pay
as you go. Making money with the talent isn't hard. Many
go into high end sales, base pay sometimes goes as high
as $100k a year and then commissions on sales increases
income very fast. Getting someone to buy using the
talent, isn't very tough, but it is better if you go
with a first class company. Getting hired isn't too
tough either, just help the boss make the right
"The trick in sales is to not win everything but always
the important things. Many of us become lawyers,
especially trial lawyers since convincing a jury isn't
too tough, but there is more background and a license
required. Many find lawyering interesting though.
"Those with artistic talent, help their sales a little,
or a lot. Politics, the military and large corporate
management, we in the Society generally frown upon, as
those types of positions typically lead to longer term
problems and exposure. Working also keeps you out with
people and reduces the chances of insanity or
megalomania. I hate when I have to deal with these kinds
of issues. Let's take a walk."
As they walked out, Larry pondered Jim's words.
Jim steered them toward the shopping mall. He wanted to
see if Larry was going to develop the ability to scan.
Most did, especially with the strength Larry had
exhibited, but he needed to confirm it, and soon. The
scan when combined with the control created a balance,
otherwise he usually tried to limit the scope of the
powers and the users desire to use them. The mall was a
good place to see a lot of people of differing
varieties. He thought however it would be better if they
went into this exercise free of sexual tension.
As they approached the mall, Jim scanned a woman in the
parking lot heading into the mall. She was out looking
for clothes passing time was healthy a little submissive
and etc. Perfect, he just needed a private spot.
The mall office was a clique but usable if necessary,
but ah a couple was just getting out of that RV, parked
at the back of the mall lot. He sent to them, "don't
lock the door, but go about your shopping have a great
time and don't come back for at least an hour, check and
see if you have your keys."
Jim grinned as he watched the man step back inside and
come out waiving the keys at his wife.
Jim said to Larry, "See the brunet over here in red
Larry, replied, "The one with the nice ass and shoulder
length hair?"
"Yes that one," replied Jim. "Why don't you call her
over here?"
Larry said, "Ok, but what do you have in mind?" and then
sent to the brunet, "come over here."
Jim replied, "Well with that ass and shape, I thought
she looked like fun. I was thinking we could slip into
that RV and see how fun she is. It will also give you a
chance to exercise your talents, and let me help you
learn to keep a low profile. Personally, I think my cock
is going to look great in her mouth. What kind of
personality does she have?"
Larry, looked at the brunet who was approaching and saw
the full lips darkened by red lipstick and set below
those big brown eyes and understood exactly what Jim was
saying. He saw the moderate sized breasts pushing the
dress and the shapely legs, and thought she indeed
looked like, "fun." He said, "I bet she dates a lot."
Jim smiled, he was sure Larry wasn't aware of it, but he
felt a 'scan' coming from Larry and was pleased to see
he was right.
As Larry, was taking her in, Jim said, "You should send
to her a feeling of contentment and calm, tell her she
is not to draw attention to us, that she is extremely
sexually aroused by strong dominate men, she views us as
strong dominate men, she will do anything to attract
such men and to have them enjoy her, she is contented
and happy using her body and efforts to attract strong
men, one day she hopes to have one man possess her, but
until then she is happy attracting and accommodating as
many men as possible."
Jim was pleased as Larry complied. He saw her respond
and was pleased to see her hips sway with each step. She
was starting to lick her lips just a little and was
obviously "pointing" right at them.

Erotic Story: Lesbian First

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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,
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Archive name: acepting.txt (F/F, Romance, First time)
Authors name: Bernadette (
Story title : "ACCEPTING GINA"
This work is copyrighted to the author (c) 1998.
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any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
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Paul left me months ago.
Six long, lonely, dreary months of endless darkness and
gloom. The weeks of crying, the days of yearning for a
phone call, the nights of empty wine bottles and morn-
ing headaches were all behind me.
I was healthy now, ready for a chance at a new begin-
ning. Life was looking fresh again. The sun was
bright, the air was clean. I was finally whole without
him. I had loved him so deeply. It had been unnatural,
unsettling, and uncontrolled. Now I could find the
paper and pen before me through the fog. I could see
the vision and the words. I was writing again.
Looking back, I realized the bad times were barely
lingering, whereas the good times were painted like a
portrait in my mind. But a portrait painted by a clown,
not an artist. All that time, what did we talk about?
I remembered the drinking, the parties, his friends,
the football games. All of it was one big celebration.
We laughed, we had sex, and we laughed some more. I
could not single out one time we had a serious con-
versation other than an in-depth analysis of his team’s
fortunes on the field.
Paul left me the night my sister was tragically killed
in a car accident.
He couldn't handle the intensity, my emotions, and the
horror of it all. He was gone when I needed him the
most. My memories of that night are vague: a dinner
party at my parent’s house, the phone call, and guests
leaving quickly. Lying in the grass and vomiting. The
sounds of shattered glass. Shattered pieces of my
heart. Shattered pieces of my sister.
After six months of therapy, I was finally able to talk
about him, but not Gina. My therapist told me this was
my way of shutting down - something about misplaced
emotions, the loss of my baby sister, substitution, and
obsessing over a man that never really loved me.
But today, the sun was shining and I was doing this for
her, and for myself. I was joining a local poetry
critique group and writing again. Gina would be proud.
There were about sixteen people in the group, ten women
and six men. The group leader was an older woman named
Kira. Kira had fled the Communist regime of Soviet
Russia many years ago, and her poems had been published
many, many times. She was a kind, older woman with
sparkling gray eyes, and obviously had experienced life
to its fullest.
I took my seat next to a woman who looked about my own
age, perhaps a few years younger. It was hard not to
notice her because of her striking features: unruly
black hair, porcelain white skin, and big, green
luminous eyes.
Kira led the group in an icebreaker game. We took
turns introducing ourselves, which was fun and awkward
at the same time. Most of the people there were
insecure amateur poets, who were simply looking for
something to do with their spare time.
When it was "her" turn, she spoke with a bold confi-
dence and radiating energy I immediately envied.
"Hello, my name is Cassandra. I am here for a one-year
appointment because of my husband’s job. I am from
Her accent revealed she was obviously not from this
country. But it was more than that. It was the way
she said it. She sounded so exotic, so mysterious. So
"I have written over twenty poems, mainly dealing with
passion, desire and courage -- in particular, sexual
courage," she continued. Sexual courage, I thought.
That’s a familiar concept.
"The poem I am working on currently is called, 'En-
twined.' It is about female bonding, intimacy and
friendship in today’s world. I am very proud of it
and I hope you like it as well. I look forward to
sharing it with all of you."
She sat down and looked right at me. I assumed it was
because I was next. But I couldn’t help but feel an
attraction, the feeling that she and I would become
very close friends. I needed a best friend about now.
Mine were both gone.
It was my turn. I didn’t like speaking in front of
even small crowds, and I was acutely aware that my
hands were trembling. I miraculously found my voice.
"Hi. My name is Jessica Preston. I am from here. I. . .
I . . . started writing poetry when I was seventeen.
Most of it is of course, unpublished, but I hope to
learn some things from being here." I quickly took my
seat. However, Kira was not done with me.
"Jus-ik-aa," she said in her Russian accent, "what is
your, ah, latest? Hum? Or perhaps a current project
you’d like to share with the others?"
"Well, I. . . I haven’t written anything in six months,
although I was published last year in The Poet’s Haven.
A small literary journal."
"That’s wonderful!" Cassandra blurted out. "What a
great magazine! Wow! I have never been published. What
was it called? The piece, I mean?"
"Oh, it was just a little piece called, 'Unconditional'
It is about, well, unconditional love," I stammered
and blushed. I sounded like an idiot.
"Splendid! Will you read it to the class?" Her face
was lit up like a Christmas tree.
"I don’t see why not. Sure, I guess I will." I felt
so self-conscious, though a part of me was eager to
Kira cut in, reasserting her leadership status. "What
is your next piece?"
Cassandra eagerly looked at me, her eyes shining with
interest. I paused for what seemed like eternity. Then
I said it and sat down.
"Accepting Gina."
* * * * *
She made me forget the loss. Over the weeks, we be-
came the dearest of friends. Cassandra was married to
a successful financial consultant named Simon, who was
assigned to spend one year in the United States. She
had been suddenly uprooted from her country and found
herself here. Since her husband traveled frequently,
she was alone much of the time, just her and her poetry.
And now, she had me.
We began our relationship at the coffee shops, reading
and critiquing each other's work. Slowly, more per-
sonal topics began to emerge, such as relations with
the men in our lives. She loved her husband very deep-
ly - something else I admired and envied tremendously.
"Simon is such a wonderful husband," she once said. "He
allows me to do my own thing. We got married quite
young, too young I must say. But I am very, very
I told her about Paul, but never Gina. I found myself
so relaxed, so open around Cassandra that I could talk
about anything, everything but my sister's untimely and
clouded death. I was too ashamed to reveal the details
of what really happened that night. Even to Cassandra.
Anything but the secret, the truth.
On the many nights Simon was out of town, we went to
dinner, had a few drinks, and talked for hours.
Cassandra grew to hate Paul and everything he stood
"My dear little Jessica," Cassie would coo. "What an
absolute oaf of a man. My precious angel, you can do
so much better. If you ever come visit us, there are
a few sexy little devils I could introduce you to in
my country." The thought delighted me! Handsome, sexy
devils from a far away place who spoke and sounded as
exotic and mysterious as my Cassandra!
"Besides, was Paul ever really good in bed? Really?"
She smiled. I giggled. Cassie had such a cute, infec-
tious way of saying things. I tried to remember what
it was like. Sex with Paul had been a roller coaster.
Hurried, fumbling, hardly a word spoken in passion. It
was animal lust. I remember longing for sweet words
spoken in whispers, a gentle caress that would’ve made
the difference. I found myself telling Cassandra all
this. I had never told anyone. Why was I telling her?
"And," I giggled again, "He had a crooked penis." We
burst out laughing. I thought beer was going to come
through my nose.
"There was a crooked man and he had a crooked smile,
had a crooked penis and he walked a crooked mile!" she
began to sing. We laughed and laughed. She was holding
my hand under the table. It felt like high school all
over again.
* * * * *
I had a date! For the first time in eight months, I had
a date! I met Joshua one night, while out having cock-
tails with Cassandra. He was of Syrian descent, with a
smooth, olive complexion and long, dark hair worn in a
sleek ponytail. Joshua was a professional musician.
He taught classical guitar at the local university. A
Greek god. A male muse. For the first time since Paul,
I was attracted to another man.
Excitedly, I went to Casandra’s to get dressed. We
drank champagne and I borrowed her sexiest little black
dress. It was made of a clingy fabric that went so
well with our hourglass figures and ripe cleavage.
Cassie and I both shared these attributes, and although
she was a few inches taller than me, the dress fit per-
fectly. We arranged to have him pick me up at her
house. Since I met him in a bar, I was a little
cautious, but Cassandra didn't mind.
So I planned to spend the night there. She had given
me the key, even told me to invite him in and said to
feel free to use the guestroom as "I pleased."
Joshua arrived in all his exotic glory. We were both
flabbergasted. He was wearing dark pants and an
expensive crisp, white shirt with a charcoal tailored
jacket. I winked at her as I left, and she gestured
back. Simon was on a business trip and I hated to
leave her alone.
She would never have thought of coming along with us,
but nonetheless, I felt terrible about leaving her
The evening was exquisite. Joshua proved to be a
charming, cultured, artistic man. We had a romantic
dinner at a quaint Greek restaurant, dancing at a local
jazz club, and sipped on expresso afterwards until the
wee hours of the morning. Our conversation was very
natural. We talked about everything: fascinating
stories of his parent’s native homeland, Paul, his
ex-girlfriend, even our views on sex. Joshua was very
open about this topic and I realized he was a very
passionate person. It was starting to intrigue me more
and more. We went on and on, about everything but my
sister, of course. What would he think if he knew?
"So, Jessica, do you have any brothers or sisters?" he
asked politely, but sincerely interested.
"I have one sister, well had." I stopped. I still
wasn’t used to speaking in that tense.
"Had?" He look a bit confused, but not pushy.
"Well, she died in a car accident about six months
He never used the worn phrase "I am so sorry." He
simply took it matter-of-factly, as thought it was as
simple as, "She is a senior in high school."
"What was her name?"
"Ah, Gina. A pretty name. Any other siblings?"
His ease at accepting the topic was unexpected and a
welcome relief.
"No, just Gina. She was the only one."

"I am an only child," he casually added. It’s just me
and my uncle. My parents were killed in a terrorist
bombing while visiting friends in Beruit, Lebanon."
"Oh, Joshua, I am so sorry . . ." I caught myself. Now
I was doing it.
He never paused. "My uncle is an amazing man. He came
to this country shortly after I was born. He and his
wife, Alla, were taking care of me while my parents
were vacationing. I was ten. They raised me." I sat
speechless. Despite my loss of words, I felt bonded in
ways beyond my comprehension. Losing both your parents
at age ten. Joshua had offered details of his story
but never asked for mine.
He never mentioned Gina again.
At the door, he leaned forward to kiss me good night.
It was light, faint on the lips. His lips were warm,
as warm as the Mediterranean Sea.
"Thank you for a lovely evening," he said.
I must have snapped at that particular moment, because
I leaned forward and began to kiss him hard on his
full, inviting mouth. The fire in his eyes matched the
fire on my lips. He responded eagerly, and I could
feel the passion unleashing rapidly through his hot,
Mediterranean veins.
We kissed for what seemed like an hour. I was well
aware of the familiar longing, aching and desire I had
not experienced in a very long time. The well was no
longer dry.
As he lightly fondled my breasts through my dress, he
whispered something in a very low voice. I was gently
pinned against Cassie's front door. I knew I could’ve
easily moved if I’d wished. Before I could speak, he
abruptly pulled away. Had I offended him?
He took my hand and stared so deep into my eyes, I felt
he could see the secrets I tried so hard to bury within
"What?" I whispered.
"I want you to know something, before this goes any
further. Let me preface this by saying that I am very
attracted to you, Jessica. I can see a future in this,
if you are willing and interested." I could hear my-
self swallowing.
"But in order to be completely honest with you, there
is something you need to know. We talked a lot about
sexual intimacy tonight and I was so comfortable with
you. You are truly sensuous. I desire you. But, I
have had some experiences that you may or may not be
comfortable with."
I knew what was coming. I felt in it my stomach. My
hands began to shake.
"I have had sex with a man. Several times, the same
man. It was for my girlfriend, a couple’s thing,
"Are you gay?" I found myself blurting out a blunt,
rude and forthright question. My voice was like a
"No, I am not a homosexual. I love women. I love men.
But I am not saying it will never happen again, I
enjoyed the experience. I take it you have a problem
with it."
Silence. I was flabbergasted. My Mr.Wonderful, Mr.
Right, was bi-sexual? He was so manly, so handsome, so
. . . how could this be? I felt something else too. My
guilt came flooding back. The half open door, watching
them in the soft glow of the night-light. Knowing what
was happening, feeling aroused. I knew what he was
going to ask.
"You’ve never been with a woman?"
"Yes, I mean, yes it does bother me, Joshua. And no,
I have never been with a woman."
My answer came more defensively than I expected. I
paused. "I am sorry."
"I am not ashamed of my experiences. If they repulse
you, then we must move on," he said. His big, gorgeous
brown, disappointed eyes stared deep into mine. I felt
angry, confused, and most of all -- guilty. I wanted to
explain it wasn’t him - or was it?
"Friends?" He offered his hand. A muscular, brown
hand that I would have loved to have touching the
inside of my thighs at that very moment, bringing me
to the destination I’d desired for so long.
"Friends." I managed to barely whisper.
I took his hand and squeezed it. Then he was gone.
* * * * *
I never intended to wake her.
She walked in on me unexpectedly. I was changing into
my satin nightgown. It had been a gift from Paul. For
some reason, I became aware that she had caught a
glimpse of my naked breasts. It gave me goose bumps.
She was so cool, so relaxed, so beautiful and so brave.
She came and sat on the edge of the bed. Her short,
dark hair was a bit rumpled from sleep, yet still sleek
and shiny. Her complexion glowed without make-up, her
green eyes were alive as lightening on a hot, summer
night. I noticed how naturally feminine and lovely she
was in one of Simon’s old cotton shirts. Cassandra.
What a provocative, erotic name, I thought. Cassandra.
She was asking me in her endearing accent about Joshua,
the evening, the details. I couldn't concentrate any-
more. The zombie feeling was taking over. She finally
asked me if I was okay. She was strong. Courageous.
I was a coward.
At first, I told her about Joshua. But it wasn’t really
him I wanted to talk about. It was Gina. Joshua had
stirred up something deep with in me. Something he said
reminded me of Gina. My darling, baby sister whose
death - I was convinced - was my fault. The guilt was
overwhelming. I had to confess to someone.
I began to tell her the story, as tears flooded down my
face and into lap. She never flinched. She just sat
there and listened, stroked my hair and held me.
I told her about Joshua and what he had told me. How I
hated myself for being shocked at his bisexuality. I
wasn’t a bigot. But somehow what he told me brought it
all back. About Gina and Cindy. About me.
She held me close and whispered it was all right.
* * * * *
It was a stormy night. The Gulf Coast fog was as thick
as molasses. My parents were having a small, elite
dinner party at their home for several important
friends including Paul’s parents. Paul and I were
there, putting on our usual act, masquerading as "the
perfect couple," with our polite, witty, and charming
My younger sister, Gina, who was only seventeen, had
invited her best friend over to spend the night. Cindy
was a pretty, delicate girl. They were inseparable.
The party was dull, but Paul was in typical form with
a scotch in one hand, talking about the stock market
and sports, while impressing my parents and everyone
else as usual.
My father, who was a stern, conservative man, had gone
upstairs to check on the girls. They were in Gina’s
room watching television. Looking back, I'm not quite
sure why he went up there. Surely a good host would
not abandon his guests so abruptly. Perhaps he sus-
pected what I was certain of?
Suddenly, he came down the stairs and asked to speak to
my mother in private. His face was white as the color
of her fine linen. After a few moments, the yelling
began. My father’s protests rang out, loud and furious.
I heard my mother’s muffled crying. The guests were
Then the back door slammed and I could hear the sound
of a car speeding down the street. After what seemed
like an eternity later, my mother and father descended
from the stairwell as though nothing had happened. My
father addressed the crowd in his most composed speak-
ing voice.
"I apologize to everyone present. My youngest daughter
needed a little discipline. Please excuse the fuss."
The party continued. Quietly, I slipped upstairs.
Both Gina and Cindy were gone. I figured my father had
punished her for something, and she and Cindy had fled
the house. What could have been so awful?
The hospital phoned about an hour later. The news was
surreal. Both Gina and Cindy had been killed when
their car spun off the highway and into a tree. The
guests left quickly. My mother became hysterical. My
father approached me, tears streaming down his face.
I had never seen him cry before.

"Did you know about this? Did you know your sister was
having sexual relations with her little friend?" The
shock of my father’s brutal words were too much to bear.
I had known, watched in silence. It aroused both my
curiosity and sexual desires. I never confronted Gina.
I never told anyone. I just didn't know what to think
or feel about them. Somehow they made me terrified
about my own sexuality. It made me run to a "man’s man"
like Paul, as if to reassure myself that I was normal.
I ran upstairs to Gina’s room. Surely she was still
there, perhaps just asleep in her bed? This was all a
terrible mistake! Her room looked the same as it
always did. Cotton candy pink walls, Winona Ryder
posters, pictures of her favorite rock bands, school
banners, cute little framed pictures of her and Cindy
holding hands and smiling. Teddy bears and lace pil-
lows, nothing unusual about it.
As I was leaving the room I noticed a small pair of
white lace panties lying on the floor. Cindy’s panties?
I was overcome with a feeling of entrapment, confusion,
and frenzied emotions. As my head swirled like a whirl-
wind, I ran down the stairs, tripped down two and
nearly fell. The pain unnoticed, I managed to throw
the heavy wooden front door wide open and run out into
the blinding rain.
I vomited in the azalea bushes as my guts tried to
expel the grief, the shame, and the guilt from my body.
Wrenching violent sobbing seized my body as I fell, a
limp heap onto the muddy ground. My legs were no
longer capable of holding me up.
After a few minutes I heard Paul’s voice. He hadn’t
left earlier with the other guests. I looked up at
him from my pathetic fetal position in the wet grass.
I wanted so badly for him to hold me, just hold me
until the pain went away, if it ever would. Instead
he spoke with an indifference that shot through my
veins like an icy needle.
"Look, I need to go. I am sorry about your sister."
"What?" I managed to speak. "Now? Paul, I need you.
Don’t leave me now, Paul. Please."
His eyes were cold, lifeless, and ashamed. His lips
curled as he said his final heartless words.
"You knew didn’t you? You knew your sister was gay. God
what a family! I suppose you will be tempted too. My
Dad always told me it was genetic. It’s bad enough if
your girl goes with another man. Imagine what it will
do to me if you end up with another woman. I’ll be the
laughing stock of the locker room."
I curled up even more, each word a blow to my heart. I
wept uncontrollably.
"I said I was sorry. But I cannot stay. Goodbye,
Jessica. Goodbye."
"Paul, please . . . please come back. Paul?"
* * * * *
Cassandra spoke gently, comfortingly. She understood
the guilt and fear. She understood my confusion.
"Sex is beautiful, Jessica. It gets ugly if tinged with
guilt. It is to be free and natural. Sexuality is a
preference. Like everything else. If it gives you plea-
sure and happiness, comfort and understanding -- then
you take it with your heart and body, just as you give
these things to your partner."
It had been a long time. I finally felt safe, secure,
and loved. I must have looked awful with swollen,
puffy eyes, tear-streaked face and dry, chapped lips.
I couldn’t help but notice that she was erect through
her thin, cotton shirt. I stared at her nipples. They
were a work of art. I was again jealous.
Most of all, I wanted them. In my mouth.
I'm not sure how it started exactly. I was crying, she
was stroking me, holding me. Then I felt her lips on
mine. They were soft, lush, like tiny pillows. She
tenderly kissed my check, my mouth, my neck. Friend-
ship had turned to driving fire -- a burning sexuality
neither of us could harness. Not tonight.
Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I heard a little
voice begging me to stop. This was Cassandra. My best
friend. She’s a woman. Stop. Paul was right!
But I ignored that little voice and I gave in to my
desires, my fantasies. I knew this was natural. So what
if this happens? I liked men, but should that stop me
from liking this?
I knew all along, I had wanted her -- from that first
day in the poetry group. She began to lead, for which
I was grateful. Cassandra touched my breasts in only
the way a woman would know. Not like Joshua and not
like Paul. Her touch was tender, soft, and sensuous
-- and was as wonderfully exciting as anything I have
ever experienced before. Ever. Cassandra, the lovely
There was something I could see in her eyes. She pos-
sessed a mysterious, burning hunger. Indistinguishable,
unnamed, deep within her, a persistent need calling out
to be heard.
Did she genuinely desire me? Did my eyes reflect my
wanting? Does she sense how I feel?
I realized I hadn’t had sex for more than six months.
This was more that sex. My pulse began to race. I
wanted to embrace her, to feel her body, to caress her
skin, to encircle her gently and passionately in my
arms. I gazed hungrily, longing to seize her and kiss
her fully on those red lips -- to explore her lips
with mine, to explore her mouth with my tongue.
Then she smiled. I knew it was right. I grinned back,
and she knew I was ready for her. She stood and un-
dressed before me while my eyes took her in. She was
so smooth and soft, so very much like me. Cassandra
reached over and carefully lifted my champagne colored
nightgown. She did it so delicately, as though it
were made of fine bone china. The satin gown I would
never wear again.
She sat next to me on the bed, and I touched her cheek.
Looking into her eyes, I kissed her nose, then her
chin. I moved down and kissed her breastbone. I felt
her shiver as I licked her stomach. As I moved down her
body, my kisses became more passionate, more willing.
I was no longer afraid.
I heard the rhythm of her breathing, soft and fast. I
pulled her close, and her arms surrounded me. We kissed
again, this time more feverishly than ever. Our mouths
were starved for each other. I felt her tongue in my
mouth, and I sucked it gently as I heard her groan.
Then Cassandra took one of my erect nipples into her
moist inviting mouth. I gasped at the sensation. Why
does this feel so good? Her lips were like home for
me, a warm, cozy abode. I wanted more. Cassandra’s
hands began to move up my legs, which I could feel
slowly parting as she teased me with her fingers.
I could not believe this was happening. I was making
love to a woman. And it was wonderful, so very
delicious. I found myself whimpering softly. She
seductively ran her warm hand between my legs to
experience my precious secretions. To see if I was
ready. I was. She lightly coaxed my legs wider apart,
and they fell open effortlessly.
Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined a woman going
down on me. Cassandra did so -- willingly, wantonly,
eagerly. Her tongue was more skillful than any man's
had ever been, she seemed more patient, more deter-
mined, more at ease. I could feel her breath lightly
on my blooming garden, now exposed to her, no secrets
held back. No more secrets.
I wanted her inside me, deep inside my body, my heart
and my soul. I wanted her to consume me. It was
different from the desire I felt for a man. Chills of
pleasure racked my body as her tongue found my pearl.
To my vast astonishment and delight, I reached my des-
tination rapidly.
After a while, my breathing calmed, and she gazed at
me and smiled again. I knew what to do, itwas her turn.
I wanted to know. I wanted to know what Gina knew.
I ran my hands up her soft, silky smooth thighs. She
eagerly spread her gorgeous milk white legs wide as I
explored the unknown. It took courage, but I found it.
Her special little spot, her secret treasure, her sex-
ual joy. Cassandra felt as soft as expensive velvet.
It was not frightening or foreign, merely an extension
of myself. She felt just like me.
I briefly thought of all those dreadfully empty nights
when I thought of Paul and touched myself. After my
climax, I always cried. I cried for Paul. Most of
all, I cried for Gina.
I caressed her with every ounce of passion, love and
tenderness I had within me. I caressed her for the
beautiful gift she had given me. I caressed her as
though it were my own. It was. I gently probed her
mouth with my tongue and Cassandra exploded in my hand.
The same tongue that read my work. The same hand that
produced my art. Cassandra in my hands and in my mouth
was a climatic chorus sung in poetry. Poetry in motion.
But most of all, I was at peace with myself.
I had accepted Gina.
* * * * *
It is April. The weather is cooler now, not as harsh.
The one-year anniversary of Gina’s death has come and
Cassandra and Simon are moving back home to Tasmania.
Drake and I have an open invitation to visit, one we
plan to take advantage of as soon as we get the money.
Drake is my new lover. He is a wonderful man who loves
me dearly and treats me with more respect than I ever
imagined. Most of all, Drake accepts Gina. No questions
ever asked. He loves her memory as much as I do. We
talk about her every day. We smile and laugh. Gina
would have liked him.
I heard through the grapevine that Paul is getting
married to his much younger secretary.
Cassandra and I kiss each other goodbye. We kiss light-
ly on the lips. Drake and Simon shake hands.
We have our secret. We both love our men with equal
intensity and we love each other. We are friends
forever. Poetry in motion.

Saturday 5 January 2008

Boob Job

They might look real, but this is a very expensive boob job - ie, someone paid for their breast enhancement! Looks great, however...