Friday 28 October 2011

Rihanna Nude!

Rihanna nude! See for yourself and decide...

Pussy or Anal Insertions... not always a great idea!

Miranda Kerr Nude (Topless):

Big Nipples can be TOO big!

Sex Slave!

Just so you don't confuse your sex slave with other women or friends, you need to write the word "SLAVE" on their forehead. Trust me, it helps everyone.

Kate Beckinsale Nude!

Or is she?

Rosey Huntington-Whitely Topless? Almost, and you get a GREAT idea of what she's like naked:

You can use your mind to fill in the blanks, and visualize her naked with this photo:

Biker Chicks! Naked! (There is technically a bike rim in there...)

Now THIS is what a bearskin rug should look like:

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Alaskan Sorority Hazing

Canadian Bowling

This picture illustrates how Canadians bowl, and... why they are so bad at it! (Doing it wrong).

Perfect Pussy

If they had awards for the most perfect pussy, this one would be up there near the top! Beautiful.

Double Penetration (DP)

Hey girls, if you love a hard cock in your pussy, and a hard cock in your ass, have we got the guy for you! Seriously, give this man an award, cause he fits the bill. Twice.

Pussy Pump! Not just for penises anymore!

Knowing how much men like a nice, compact pussy, its so strange to think that there are women out there trying to stretch out their nice lips into elephant ears. These are the same women who go back to plastic surgeons years later and do vaginal reduction, to get back to the nice compact state they were in before they purposely ragged themselves out!

What Selena Gomez Will Look Like Topless at 25:

Here are two celebrities that have the same sized breasts as Selena Gomez, so you can project what she will look like in ten years or so:

Selena Gomez (Almost) Nude

You can tell from this photo how Selena Gomez would look nude/naked/topless. Clearly good size, great shape, great firmness. Its really sad that Justin Bieber is the one that gets to play with them, when he is such a douche.