Tuesday 29 June 2010


This vagina looks like it ate a lemon! Is it pouting??? My what big lips you have...

MOVIE CLIP: Topless Female Bouncing Her Boobs

If you liked the previous post from the book "399 Breasts", you will love this mini clip of the best thing on earth: Bouncing Boobs. Not a lot of plot here, no dinosaurs, no guns, no aliens, just a topless female shaking her tits in your face:

BOOK: 399 Breasts: The Ultimate Boobs Photo Collection

This is a decent book for those of you who love topless women, with the intent to see a LOT of boobs and compare and contrast which ones you like or not. This book doesnt feature full page photos, but does have a shitload of bare breasts. One reviewer ended up going through it page by page with his significant other, strangely enough, and it sparked an awkward conversation!

Graphic nudity factor is a 4 out of 10. (Its just boobs, come on...)

Here is the description from the publisher:

Topless, Topless, Topless! Color photos clippings of over 399 breasts from around the world. If you think you have seen one teat and thus seen them all, you will need to think again. Female breasts (also slang "tits") vary in size, firmness, color, and nipple shape... which has never been more apparent. How they sit, how they tilt, how the muscles are structured, how the chests muscles pull... There are pretty breasts, fat breasts, skinny breasts, perfect breasts... and frankly breasts from every possible angle and direction and position, aroused or not. While we understand that any man or woman (lesbian or straight) who loves breasts will absolutely love leafing through this book due to the vivid illustrations, BUT it is meant for educational purposes. So if you are studying to be a breast examiner, or just plain love looking at a wide ass-sortment of boobs, pull up a chair and see what we have posted. Every single picture is completely topless! Naked, nude, no clothes! Nipples everywhere. This book will make you want to give a pearl necklace! Each page is 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall, two pictures on each page.

To view this book, go to http://www.amazon.com/399-Breasts-Ultimate-Boobs-Collection/dp/1449978967/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1277848179&sr=8-1 or click HERE:

Here are some scans from the book:

Jessica Simpson Nude

Monday 28 June 2010

Nude Female Celebrities

We hail any media of any type that gives us graphic nudity from celebrity females! The ones we want to see the most on this page are: Absolutely Amber, Eliana Vega, Laetitia Casta , Adree Desanti, Elizabeth Anderson, Lauren Konrad. Adriana Lima, Elke the Stallion, Letoya Luckett, Aishwarya Rai Elle MacPherson, Lil Kim. Alessandra Ambrosio, Estella Warren, Lindsay Lohan, Alicia Keys Esther Baxter, Lisa Raye , Amanda Beard, Eva Herzigova, , Amisha Patel, Eva Longoria, , Amrita Rao, Eva Mendes M , Amy Fadhli, , Madonna , Amy Weber, F Mahogany Smith , Angelina Jolie, Fergie, Malika Sherawat , Anna Kournikova Fonda Foxx, Maria Sharapova , Anna Nicole Smith, , Mariah Carey , Ashlee Simpson, G Mary Castro , Avril Lavigne Gabrielle Reece Meagan Good , Annette Milbers, Giselle Bundchen, Megan Fox , Azzareya Crystal Curtis, Gloria Velez, Melissa Hall , , Gwen Stefani, Melyssa Ford , B, , Michelle Wie , Beyonce Knowles H Mila jovovich , Britney Spears, Halle Berry, Monica Brant , Bipasha Basu, Heidi Klum, Monica Starr , Buffie the Body, Hilary Duff, Hayden Penettiere, Nadia Dawn , Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell , Carmen Electra Jamie Eason, Natalie Gulbis, Carmen Garcia, Jamie Sale, Nelly Furtado , Christie Brinkley, Jennie Finch, Nicole Narain , Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Ricca , Christina Lindley, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger , Christina Milian, Jessica Alba, Niki Taylor, Ciara Jessica Biel, Noureen Dewulf , Cindy Crawford, Jessica Simpson, , Claudia Schiffer, Julie Ann Gerhard, Cori Nadine, Pam Rodriguez, Pamela Anderson , K D Aubert, Paris Hilton, Danica Patrick Kareena Kapoor, Dana Hamm, Karishma Kapoor, Danielle Lloyd, Karolina Kurkova Rachel Moore , Darlene Crawford, Kate Moss, Rihanna , Darlene Silva, Kathy Ireland, Rimi Sen , Deeann Donovan, Katie Holmes, Riya Sen, Dina Al Sabah, Katrina Kaif, Diya Mirza, Keira Knightley, Kelly Rowland, Salma Hayek, Ki Toy johnson, Sameera Reddy, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Sharma, Serena Williams, Kylie Minogue, Shakira, Knasi Apple Fox, Somaya Reece, Sophia Rosado, Summer Walker, Tasena , Tila Nguyen, Timea Majorova, Tomika Skanes , Tyra Banks, Vanessa Hudgens, Vida Guerra, Victoria Beckham. Here are some from around the web:

Some of the famous celebrity nudes are clever fakes:

Book: 199 Asses: The Ultimate Female Butt Collection

This book is exactly what they say it is, 199 asses (or pictures of them). There are a slew of cool photos of beautiful FEMALE asses, and a few that are average on the sexy scale. Buttmen rejoice, here is somewhere to compare and contrast your love...

Graphic Nudity is a 7 out of 10. (Some of the butt shots are very graphic!)

The description from the publisher:

Asses, asses, and more asses! Color photos clippings of over 199 asses and butts from around the world. If you think you have seen one ass and thus seen them all, you will need to think again. Female asses vary in size, depth, color, and lip shape, which has never been more apparent. How they open, how they tilt, how the muscles are structured, how the gluteus muscles pull and stretch... There are pretty asses, fat asses, skinny asses, perfect asses, sideways asses... and frankly asses from every possible angle and direction and position, open and closed. Naked, nude... however you want to call it, there are no clothes! We understand that any man or woman (lesbian or straight) who loves butts will absolutely love leafing through this book due to the vivid illustrations, BUT it is meant for educational purposes. So if you are studying to be a proctologist or just plain love looking at a wide ass-sortment of butts, pull up a chair and see what we have posted. (Pages color formatted to appear as a bulletin board, with two graphic photos per page). Anal sex and/ or fisting is not portrayed in this book... but this book might cause some doggy style sex, rimming, or anal sex thoughts to pop in your head! Each page is 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall, two pictures on each page...

Some scans from the book:

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Book: 99 Penises: The Ultimate Photo Collection (Nude Male Photography)

This book isn't for everyone (and not our cup of tea) but because of the overly graphic nature it gets a mention here. This book does what thousands of other books allude to with teasing shots... and this book does it in full graphical scale. As the title suggests, this book is chock full of male nude photography, in gorey detail. Page after page of just that.

One a graphic scale of 1-10, this book gets a 9.

Description from the publisher:

Penises, penises, and even MORE penises. Feel like a medical student when you see these zoomed in photos of the male penis, also known as the "cock", or "dick". These color pictures leave nothing to the imagination. Compare the different penis pictures, nude / naked, in full color. There are wrinkly penises, smooth penises, hairy penises, shaved penises, erect penises, and shrunken penises... pale penises, rich deep colored penises, large penises, small penises, and some strange penises.... This is a 5.5 by 8.5 book with full page color pictures, so some of the photos are actual sized, and some of the photos are are bigger than life! Don't think of this as XXX Sex Porn, think of it as interesting educational material. All shapes, sizes, and colors are in this book, a compelling collection of men's penises from around the world. No actual sex, but WARNING; VERY GRAPHIC NUDITY. For educational use only. The Airplane movie/DVD has the famous line in it "Have you ever seen a grown man naked?". After viewing this book, you can give an enthusiastic YES. Nude males on every page....

You purchase this book by going HERE or typing in the following URL: http://www.amazon.com/99-Penises-Ultimate-Photo-Collection/dp/1452891230/ref=cm_cr_wr_img#noop

Some examples from the book:

BOOK: Non Consensual Erotica: Sex Stories of Rape, Mind Control, Hypnosis & Blackmail

This book qualifies as graphic, as it is one of the pioneers of disturbing content, and has gotten banned repeatedly from several ecommerce sites and some countries. It is text based but still gets a 8/10 for graphic ranking due to the content, which is unflinching. Very likely chance this book gets completely banned and is posessed only by collectors of this genre.

Here is the description from the publisher:

Over 70,000 dark and disturbing words fill this large collection of stories inspired from events and writings from around the world. Straight rape, lesbian rape, date rape, day stalkers, night invaders, abuse of power, blackmail, humiliation, mind control, and taking advantage of drunk and/or stoned females. There is plenty of XXX and NC-17 sex to go around, but very little romance. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. To view this book visit HERE or paste in this URL: http://www.amazon.com/Non-Consensual-Erotica-Hypnosis-Blackmail/dp/1451500890/ref=pd_sim_sbs_b_5#noop

Brief excerpt from the book (will be pulled if the publishers ask):

Bridgette gasped. She was quickly jerked aside, and a wet cloth was quickly placed over her mouth and nose. She came to slowly, her head whirling, her hands bound behind her back.

Luckily, her clothes were still on. She tried to turn her head but the only thing she succeeded in doing by attempting that was a sharp slap across the face.

"Slut," came an electronically altered voice. "I'm going to fuck that sweet body of yours and use you as a cumdumpster."

Bridgette's mind raced as she tried to think of a way out of this. She wondered what time it was and how long she had been our. Maybe her parents would come back early and stop the impending rape. Surely, it would be rape. She would never give her body over unless this asshole put a gun to her head. Even then she wasn't sure if she could give in.

Much to her surprise, she found that her pussy was dripping wet and she was more than slightly aroused by the thought of some stranger raping her. Oddly enough, she hoped that Joe would do this to her when she was ready. It wasn't that she wanted to be raped; she just wanted someone to act it out with. Now it seemed she wasn't going to have a choice. Bridgette licked her lips and tasted the coppery taste of blood as it trickled from her lip. Well, perhaps this man wasn't that interested in raping her. He hadn't bothered to strip her before while she was unconscious. Now, even as she was thinking it she was being hoisted up to a sitting position on the couch. The lights were still all off and she hadn't been able to glimpse anything of the intruder yet, anything more than the blur of his hand before he had slapped her.

He loomed above her now, and Bridgette could make out the vague outline of his looming figure. She looked up to where she thought his face might be and saw broad shoulder in the outline of the streetlights shining in from the window. His face was guarded by an opaque mask. It wouldn't hide much of his features but would make them obscure enough that she wouldn't be able to identify him unless it were for his physical traits alone.

His hand reached and touched her smooth skin. All of the thoughts of Joe leapt from her mind as she felt the man flick on the light behind her softly illuminating the room just a bit more. He was wearing all black. A black jacket which he was now removing, under which he had on a tight black T-shirt that showed off his well chiseled muscular chest. Hunter's features were remarkably similar to this man's she thought. But it was only a fleeting thought as he stood in front of her and pulled a knife from his back pocket. The intruder pressed the knife against her throat before reaching down and lifting her top away and slicing it down the middle. He grabbed her braless tits and pinched and pulled roughly at the nipples.

"Ungh!," she moaned, "Please sir, I'll do whatever you ask, just don't rape me." The man laughed.

"My parents are due home anytime now. Take what you want and leave."

"Hahaha!" The man stood over her and lifted the voice alterer to his mouth and said, "I have been watching you and this house long enough to know that on Friday nights your parents don’t return until 4 in the morning."

Bridgette sobbed. That was true; they usually stayed out late. And it was now probably just after one in the morning.

"Now slut, you are going to please me." He stood her up and unbuttoned her pants before yanking them down. She had already taken her shoes off, so he lifted her effortlessly and pulled her pants the rest of the way off. His big hands pushed her back down over the couches back and he grabbed the side of her thong and tore it easily from her body.

Her voice caught in her throat, and her breath wouldn't come without some exertion now. Even with that being the case her pussy was damn near dripping, how could I be turned on at such a horrendous time she wondered. Her pussy was bare except for one small well trimmed strip of the same blonde hairs that were on her head.

"So I see," he growled, “that you are a natural blonde.”His hand came down between her legs and spread her pussy wide, her pussy lips were already engorged as well as her clit. She found herself torn between wanting to beg the man to please not rape her and for him to fuck her abusively. She opened her legs wider giving him easier access while at the same time pleaded with him.

“No please don't rape me....isn't there anything I can do to save myself?" He slipped two and then three fingers into her cunt.

Tuesday 22 June 2010

MOVIE: Sorority Hell Week: Sexy spanking and real lesbian action!

This is a movie we were all prepared to hate, but ended up loving it. The acting turned us off, but we quickly realized that this movie is definitely keeping it real. There is a REAL orgasm in this movie, which is rare for xxx or porn or NC-17. Lots of gratuitous nudity and interplay between the hazer and the hazee of the sorority.

Graphic nudity on a scale of 1-10: 9

Movie Description:

Behind the scenes at rush week when one sexy sorority pledge is stripped topless and then nude. She is then spanked, tickled, teased, fingered, and used as a sexy toy for a dominant sorority sister who forces the innocent 19 year old to service her in any way desired. The orgasms are real, and even distract the older girl, who realizes that her pledge has more talent than meets the eye. She allows herself to be used and abused as a lesbian sex slave in hopes of making the sorority. They even use a vibrator and dildo on each other, and shower off when done. (But is the dominant one done, or does she want more?)

You can view or purchase this movie here or visit: http://www.lulu.com/product/dvd/sorority-hell-week-volume-1/6254373?productTrackingContext=search_results/search_shelf/center/1

BOOK: Female Genetalia 201 (Most graphic book ever published on female nude photography?)

Great book from an exciting publisher, for students (ahem) or just fun straight guys. Ok, lesbians would love this book as well.

On a nudity scale of 1-10, this book gets a 345. Seriously.

The product description for this book is;

Over 100 women are spread-eagle with their vagina labia open in this educational book, widely considered the most graphic book ever released on the female anatomy. If you are a medical student studying female anatomy, this is commonly thought of as the most vivid and shocking book you could possibly add to your educational curriculum. (Many schools are opting to not require this book, as the graphic nature of it is controversial to some students). This collection of intimate nude photographs is intended to demonstrate the inner portion of a female vagina (Slang "Pussy") Sex Ed 201 or OBGYN (Gynecology) 201. Beyond just spreading the legs and being naked, each full page color photo takes you inside the labia, with parted lips, lips held open, lips pulled aside, etc. There are no closed lips in this book, and every picture is up close and very, very personal. This book goes beyond Douglas O'Brian's previous book "100% Vaginas: Close-Up Photography (GRAPHIC)" in terms of the level of intimacy that is displayed.

Book link: Click HERE or visit http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1453639322/ref=cm_cr_mts_prod_img

Examples from the book:

Saturday 12 June 2010

Menage a trois

If you have to have a menage a trois, make sure your females look like this!