Monday 30 August 2010

101 Gynecology Views: 101 Open Vaginas (Book)

Okay, so this book is insane for nudity. We dont have a scale for this one. We have never previously found a book that had TOO much nudity, but this one actually does get close!!! Several of these are actually looking down a SPREAD speculum, and frankly that shows way too much detail.

From the publisher: Ever wanted to look over the gynecologist's shoulder when they were working? This is as close as you will get to seeing that view, with over 100 lip-parted, exposed, or spread open vaginas. Many of them even have a speculum opening them up to show more than you ever wanted to see. Vaginas, vaginas, and even MORE vaginas, and none of them have closed labia, or lips. Some are pulled apart, some are spread, some have fingers holding them open, and some are stretched wide open with the gynecologist tool, the speculum. These photos take you straight to (and sometimes into) the love canal, also known as the "pussy". These color pictures range from three inches away to three feet away. Men and lesbians alike will love comparing the different vagina pictures, all fully nude / naked, all in full color. This is an 5 by 8 book with one full picture per, to bring the vagina to life. Beyond topless or generally naked, or fully nude, this is all about the money shots. Don't think of this as XXX Sex Porn, think of it as beautiful feminine erotic art. All shapes, sizes, and colors of vaginas are in this book, a very compelling collection of women from around the world. A super set of pictures expanding the Female Genitalia 201 imagery, this book has no actual sex, but WARNING; VERY GRAPHIC NUDITY.
Some sample images:

Monday 16 August 2010

Every Square Inch 2: (Cheerleader Kaylee)

If you loved Every Square Inch part one, part two is twice as hot. Why? Because the female is twice as hot. This cheerleader is amazing, and captivating, and naturally beautiful and sexy. Once again, the photographer gets her liquored up and out of her mind, and slowly talks her out of each and every outfit. After a few hours of loosening her up, she finds herself showing everything, including her wide open pussy.

According to the publisher:

Kaylee, a third year collegiate cheerleader is nervous about her first ever modeling session, but comes in for some headshots, and sexy portfolio shots as well. She ends up showing far more skin than anticipated, thanks to copious amounts of wine. At the beginning of the session, she stays coy and shy inside of her lingerie and outfits. At many points she stays hidden behind a feather boa which comes off inch by inch. As the session goes on, more comes off, and eventually every square inch of her is exposed, with not just topless, but rampant nudity. By the very end, she is wide open, giving graphical shots of her vagina, ass, and breasts. Very graphic, very sexy nudes. You wont believe what the she let the photographer take - and she definitely regrets it now. WARNING, GRAPHIC PHOTOS. Nudity level is an 8 out of 10. (She is wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open in some photos).
Here are some scans from the book:

Friday 13 August 2010

Upskirt Flash (No panties!)

Here are a couple of great upskirt, and more graphic than normal, flashes...